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  • ZIPI Siła Pasji
    ZIPI Siła Pasji
  • NIKA ze Stromej Góry
    NIKA ze Stromej Góry
  • BAZYL Pałac Cezara
    BAZYL Pałac Cezara
  • VITO VENUSTUS Cashmere Beleza
    VITO VENUSTUS Cashmere Beleza

Dogs are with me since ever. I may even say, I was the first petsitter in Zakopane town, where I come from. Becouse of lack of my own pet, I was walking my neighbors' dogs. I was a regular visitor of Dog Shows and have always dreamed of a huge, black, wonderful Newfoundland. Therefore as an adult I became a breeder, of longhaired, but … the smallest dogs in the world – Chihuahuas.


The first one appeared in our home, in March 2014, a wonderful, tiny ZIPI SiłaPasji, named by my daughter Szania. She was her nameday gift. It soon turned out that apart from undoubted personal charm, it is a model representative of its race and deserves a presentation during Dog Shows of ZKwP (The Polish Cennel Club).




The sentiment for a dark coat and the desire to provide a dog company for Szana caused our family to be enlarged by another member in November 2015.  It was a squirrel NIKA ze Stromej Góry, named by my daughter Elza.








In the meantime, my mother had a representative of the opposite sex, a wonderful tricolor – BAZYL Pałac Cezara, called Bazyl. At first glance, we can see that we have a white-red dog and two tricolors so … they lack chocolate ;)







The decision, was discussed for a long time, and was finally taken in July 2017. Our cute group was joined by the sweet UNIVERSAL AMULET Volpino-Mini, named by my daughter Cocaine.

The youngest member of our dog family is 
VITO VENUSTUS Cashmere Beleza, 
son of Cocaine born on 12.10.2018 in our kennel




Dogs are the best friends for me and my family, with whom we spend every free moment, mornings and evenings, and holidays. Cashmere Beleza is a really small kennel. We do not have pupies quite often, but when they are born,  it’s the most magnificent momet to us. They grow surrounded by love, and they get to the carefully selected homes. Because, as someone wise said:


"A house is not a home without a dog"